This section talks about security issues with NT. The boot disk makes it all possible. The web server could become unavailable, and installations can continue just fine. LSAIT has added installation steps to this phase by placing phase5. Floppy disks are the slowest device on every system. By using techniques developed for the NT Install process, the packaging process now shares the same benefits.

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This was dismissed because of the difficulty of informing the user when this step will be necessary and insuring user compliance. Each account resides within its A-Z folder.

Phase 6 and Phase 7 use the local Administrator account when logging into the computer. The following files required modification or were needed for additional functionality. Each desktop adapter on the boot disk has been tested many times.


However, there are three areas that need improvement. Modifications were made to the network and the installation process according to feedback from the pre-pilot testers. Wk2 a wrapper script for each application that required advance configuration was considered.

To build a computer without any Core Applications, set this value to NO. BAT file before building a station. The I folder within the source server distribution share contains all the Windows NT 4.


Although this concept may be unique, it does help make the process generic enough to apply to many other organizations. The SST believes that this new technology will resolve the matter of hardware drivers in the future. The default value is set to sort by Extension and then by Name.

Once the process is finished, the original adapter may be used in place of the 3CD, which requires installing the device drivers manually. The value must contain spaces between the octets, not periods. Both provide the same functionality, one is dependent upon the perl scripting language. The network path for the script location is the default value used.

Once we solved our disk space problems by using the RAM disk, other great ideas followed. The value will enable or disable the installation of Perl5, a scripting tool that is used for software packaging. This contains the file name for a bitmap logo file. The NT installation process will take complete control of the primary drive Drive C: Scripting language used to configure NT Workstation.

This contains the file name for the bitmap logo file.

Ms-Client and 3COM PCMCIA NIC

In the case of faculty, this is done via an authenticated Web session; the faculty are presented with a list of applications from which they may pick and choose. It is used as the default desktop bitmap 3c859d-tp. These instructions assume that a member from the CSG is performing the installation on multiple computers in a department.


Many items have been improved upon to increase the scalability of the packaging process. In the event a workstation needs to be rebuilt, data will not be lost, and users custom settings will return with their profile. This variable is used within the Netcards. Administrators can continue to use this friendlier interface and access some administrative options by modifying the setupenv. This variable is used to record a script version. Sometimes determining the cause 3c59d-tp the problem can be easier by identifying what section of the install process failed.

LSAIT will pay for professional training. It allowed the full range of boot disk options on the same floppy, by changing the boot method, using method. This variable is used to set the local Administrator account password. NT was re-released with Service Pack 1 built into the original source files.