Est-ce que Dolbeau fait partie de la Commission scolaire d’Alma? I have not, but we will go to it and we will answer something for the 17th, yes. Local community access channels are worth saving. It is precisely because of such things as the Internet, VOD and various media that community channels are still needed as a way for local communities to remain connected and to be reflected. I mean you can have that piece, that story or that show produced entirely by your staff members and it would still qualify as access.

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This, generally speaking, has proven very, very problematic to the cities that this has occurred in. If it was to change, then So training is a challenge much like T because it’s not used very often.

I think that 65114mr-es in inherent delays to call-handling process. Well, the programming you find on our channels today has pretty much been what we have always had.

A national operator would require probably multiple points of transfer to get calls from wherever that national operator would be located to whatever jurisdiction required the emergency response. So those vehicles we created with the blessing of the CRTC and those are the ones that take care of those 80 per cent. I think part of the problem is that there are some PSAPs — and we participate regularly at ESWG — but there are many that are not involved in getting that information shared.

Is it the person who decides the subject of the program or is it the subject of the program? We see the transition to digital as an advantage. Should the Commission, in one way or another, encourage their development by either creating models or requiring them, going forward?


We go out and do their crocus festival, we 6514mr-e several programs a year from that one little community and we always do their drama nights, they have two or three drama nights a year and presentations. In fact, in Waterloo region, where I came from — and they’re still working at trying to consolidate a communications centre, which fell out of a call that went badly for a helicopter crash.

It may not be feasible to have all PSAPs that are unable to offer appropriate level wes services. Creative SB Live 5.

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C’est une position de principe pour vous? Rogers actually approached most of the ethnic groups here and asked them whether they could produce programs for Rogers and that they would provide the studio, they would 6514mr-ess the editing, they would provide the cameras, et cetera, et cetera.

So you still have to create the program. Valemount is a remote community of roughly 1, people. Every episode of “Valemount Live” is archived on the Internet.

Transcript, Hearing January 20, 2017

It should be mandatory for a private broadcaster like CHRO to financially meet its financial obligations, which currently are not being met, by providing direct financial support to a local community television broadcaster at an appropriate contribution level that, for a start, at least equals the rate of contribution by a broadcasting distribution undertaking, BDU, to the LPIF.

Maybe just a variation on the vacuum on the public safety leadership coordination that we talked about right at the beginning.

So going forward, because there will be presumably similar challenges with next-generationhow do we learn from those, that experience and others? And you start 654mr-es look at better ways to sort of amalgamate multi-ministry responsibilities and multi-municipal responsibilities. And you say zes Portage, Altona and Morton, which are much larger and which have enough to offer community access television have actually been closed by Shaw and there’s no more community channel in Portage?


Chairman, it’s scary, she probably grabbed that out of my brain because I had — I was chewing on that for 6514mres while and going, well it has to be more than just 50 per cent plus one kind of our change because, then, you won’t really notice it on air that much.

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So I take it — just earlier in the week I was asking about the risk. I think there’s some benefit to that.

I would like her to tell you the story of Rogers TV in the community. That’s all we have for you. Why did you choose the VOD model and what are the economics around the two? Chairman, Members of the Commission, good morning. Yes, and I think that there are two elements that you identified. There may be — need to be a little bit more rigour behind zes.

But would it — first of all, is it on the — what stage is it at?