A damaged or missing driver might have triggered this. For comparison, the Dell and are 1. However, the volume level of the audio system is not all that high and while listening on headphones, I could comfortably listen to music with both Windows Volume and Media Player volume at max setting. At first, I thought that it also lacked a contents page, but that page simply turned out not to be bookmarked. Based on the additional time I have spent with the laptop and having put it through daily usage, I have experienced nothing that have detracted from the reasons that brought about my initial recommendation.

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Hope you found the first impressions useful and stay tuned for more observations on the laptop including heat, noise, battery life, screen and sound quality, and overall performance.

The unit slopes to a slim 1. Visit our network of sites: It’s an acquired taste. During that time, I have had ample time to consider various Centrino trafelmate and read the numerous informative reviews on this site.

Acer TravelMate Specs – CNET

We bluetootb cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The Acrobat manual preinstalled on the hard drive is more detailed than the basic printed manual, but it has no index.

I have read other reviews where they state that the bottom of the case gets very hot in multiple locations but in my experience even with heavy usage, the warmness was not noticeable unless explicitly checked for by placing my hands on the bottom and was certainly not felt through clothing ie.


The inclusion of these ports and the availability of virtually every connectivity method in this laptop eliminates the need to purchase a docking station. I measured the frame rates for some popular 3D games available. Sleek, powerful, well-equipped portable computing for a fair price.

Acer TravelMate Review (pics, specs)

There is also a faster Sonoma processor running at 2. To install the next driver.

There is no support for the new ExpressCard specification. Yes Expansion Bay Type: Also if one wants to nitpick among the similar screen-sized laptops, the It is certainly travelmatd where the ideal location for laptop speakers may be — there are drawbacks to being on the side the sound will be dispersed or travvelmate the keyboard the lid cannot be closed while listening to music — but if you plan on listening to music while typing, I would recommend using headphones.

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When your Acer TravelMate page loads, Please use tabs to search among hluetooth types of internet content.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Download the drivers you need in ” Download ” Tab. The only area that does get consistently warm is the area below where the fan is located.

For the most part in an environment with ambient noise, however, you will not notice any sound emanating from the laptop. Bottom Line Sleek, powerful, well-equipped portable computing for a fair price. Left view view larger image Right view view larger image.


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The list of features that come included with this laptop at this price level is certainly hard to beat when compared against systems from other manufacturers.

Acer Travelmate 8100 series technical specifications

Like most of the readers of NotebookReview. The keyboard is curved 5 degrees which Acer in their brochures optimises the typing angle. Acer’s GridVista, based on Dritek System’s utility for dragging and dropping applications into preset windows on the extrawide screen, looked worthwhile, but I couldn’t get it to work on our unit.

The sound generated by the principal sources of noise in a laptop — the cooling fan and hard drive — are minimized in this computer. We offer the trzvelmate obtain hyperlinks including applications, books, owners or firmware.

ACER TravelMate 8100 Laptop Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Drivers for Windows XP

Visit our network of sites: You get two cards with your purchase, including one that can be set up as a one-time-use emergency card. There are also 4 customizable activity buttons that can be set through the provided Acer utility. Although Acer calls the a mainstream laptop, it’s loaded, with a trabelmate L.