Now return to the compiling section and continue on. Floppy drives are typically: About the only other choice you have is the acx drivers. If this is the right place for analysis help, I can post relevent pieces or the whole nine yards. I’ll just have to ask you to send it in my emails back to you.

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If you are re- compiling the source, start with make clean and then makefollowed by make install. If you felt anything linyx about my comment, please take it as my lack of command over English although I try to be extra-careful with that for the same reasonbut sometimes.

When the time comes to configure your card for your linuux distribution, we’ll be forking due to the differences in the way various distributions handle network and wireless configuration. If you need to reset your password, click here.

As suggested by Ravan, perhaps that link will one day disappear, so here’s an overview: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Take care Ted in Atlanta.

To be honest, I’ve never seen anyone toast a card loading supported firmware. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Use the following link to download the same, recent source version that I’m using and have tested and verified to be functional with my devices which may not necessarily be the absolute ‘latest’ version.


Linux Power User Bundle. Make sure to use the actual complete filename of the file you downloaded, to see it, you can type: What I will say is that virtually all distros that use packaging have provided packages for the kernel-source, development utilities and the wireless-tools pcmcia-cs also.

RHEL5 Texas Instruments ACX 54Mbps Wireless

All times are GMT Registered protocol family 20 [ Using 63 for the hash shift. Though I can’t linuxx solve every issue, I’m willing to try. If you’re having trouble unpacking the acx source code tarball, then you’re probably getting an error message returned from the tar command. The “” in that command indicates how many lines at the end of the log you’d like to see and you can adjust it to suit you.

Does this guide apply to you? Next, you’ll want to try to ping a host on the internet by name, type: You’ll also need make and if gcc is installed, most likely make is also, but just to be sure type: Your kernel version numbers 2.

If you still can’t turn up anything that looks like a package manager, try running: If so, break it down to me. In my case, I have a line which reads: For ‘ gcc ‘, you can run sudo apt-get install gcc Then, make sure you have a matching.


Texas Instruments ACX100/TNETW1100, ACX111/TNETW1130, ACX100USB, TNETW1450 devices

Then you’ll need to use the actual IP address of wlan0 instead of it’s interface name in the above ping command. Having said that, it’s time to identify your device. If all looks good you can proceed to the next section.

Join our community today! Just installing this package is not enough; you have to create a link to the version of gcc that you wish to run. TI Test [ Thank you for the help. Do not install acs gcc, there are a host of other utilities needed along with gcc, install the whole package. Alternatively, if within Linux you have a working connection to the internet and don’t yet have the source tarball, then download the acx