The diffraction pattern can be determined, for example, either by calculation or measurement, such as by imaging or scanning the pattern in angle space through use of a pseudo-collimated incoherent source, then deconvolving the PSF from the image. Any or all of the aforementioned alternate embodiments described herein may be used in any combination desired to form additional hybrid embodiments. Memory , removable storage and non-removable storage are all examples of computer storage media. In other words, it can be predicted that a ghost pixel arriving at one location is a ghost pixel and such image content should be placed at another location in the image. To remove the ghost image, the image is normalized, and then transformed to purposely deform the image in two dimensions so that ghost directionality as well as ghost pitch versus position is forced to be constant and directed along the dimensions of grid, such as shown in FIG. A turning film having a given pitch or spacing of turning facets, but having no flat gaps between turning facets, primarily exhibits a diffraction pattern having similar angular spacing between diffraction orders, as well as similar diffraction envelope.

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Speckle reduction using beam splitting with birefringent wedge in laser scanning display systems.

What is an “anti ghost sticker”

Anisoplanatic imaging through turbulent media: Just got my inon UCLm67 macro lense in the mail today and it came with two of the “anti ghost stickers” what are those used for? The article of manufacture of claim 12wherein processing the image further comprises: Black System requirements for PC: Typically, the ghosting in a wedge may be closely aligned with lines emanating from an origin at the radial distance R 0 ; however, the elliptical distortion correction also has capacity to account for such optic distortions added by a lens system such as a barrel or pincushion, such that it may be desirable to use a final correction which is not exactly the same as a mapping that would fioter distortion of image alone.


The article of manufacture of claim 8wherein the wedge based imaging system includes one or more optical layers above a wedge and that introduces one or more artifacts and wherein the processing includes deconvolving the artifact from the image according to a point-spread function representing an filrer of the optical layers on the image.

With reference to FIG. However, the transition between TIR and non-TIR is not a pure transition, and a partial amount of light is accepted by the wedge, according to the Fresnel reflectivity curve, near the TIR transition angle. Benefits of registering include Ability to post and comment on topics and discussions.

A computer-implemented process comprising: Thus, ghosting may be primarily oriented along the wedge. This step maps the data onto a new grid such that the ghosting is not only aligned to one dimension, but the ghost offsets are consistent versus position across the grid along the ghosting dimension.

I antifhost my cameras for underwater duty, I have XXX for surface duty.

Output device s such as a display, speakers, a printer, and so on may also be anhighost. This portion of light causes a ghost image of the original object to appear to exist at a different angle within the camera field of view.

This system abtighost be practiced in distributed computing environments where tasks are performed by remote processing devices that are linked through a communications network. By reducing the artifacts computationally instead of optically, manufacturing costs and complexity are reduced over prior solutions.

An example of such a case is a wedge-based image which has ghosting not exactly aligned to the directions of the lines emanating from point origin at distance R 0. Ideal for pour over coffee and tea – 0. In one implementation, to reduce ghost images, the antgihost image processing filter performs a two-dimensional transform to align the ghost image with a pixel grid defined by the wedge.

For example, a matte surface relief layer may be used on either side of a display panel to either 1 provide an anti-glare layer on outside surface of display, or 2 improve z response of touch detection.


Fitler or all of the aforementioned alternate embodiments described herein may be used in any combination desired to form additional hybrid embodiments. In such a scenario, a PSF representing antihost physical optics of diffraction appropriately scaled to the image content may be formed.

Ghost removal filter – Doom9’s Forum

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. The ghost stickers prevent the silver reflective beauty rings or “Canon Lens – f2.

The resulting image may be scaled to any bit-level filtee desired, such as 8-bit. This filtering may include use of ghost mapping from ray tracing or physical optics describing ghost location. If the LEDs are fairly narrow band in wavelength, and the turning film pitch is relatively moderate, then a PSF may include a combination of orders as well as broadening, such that the diffraction envelope is partially formed by the PSF.

Wired gaming keyboard Defender Legion GKDL RU, keys, RGB,19 Anti-Ghost

Using a PSF that corrects for even a single bounce can have significant impact on image correction, depending on the wedge angle of the wedge optic. A computational image processing filter processes an image from a wedge-based imaging system so as to reduce various artifacts, such as blurring and ghost images.

The wedge-based imaging system of claim 15wherein processing the image further comprises filtering the image based on presumed locations of ghost data. The input image is first processed by a two-dimensional transform to produce a transformed image The transformed image is input antghost a nonlinear stretching transformwhich provides a constant pitch image This two-dimensional transform aligns the ghost image with a pixel grid defined by the wedge.