Fix bug that cause to crash when doing hibernate Driver tries to enable clock gating during GPU hardware initialization. No description available for parport- modules- 2. No summary available for mouse-modules No summary available for usb-modules For the case of my Measy U2C, which has an integrated webcam , the schematic part referring to the front camera page 15 has also been of help even if just to know it’s rigged to I2C bus 3.

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I have ported olegk0’s kernel https: No summary available for nic-shared-modules Binary packages built by this source block-modules Fixed bug for not creating sid chroot because of missing apt taken from mavericks debootstrap version LP: No description available for crypto- modules- 2.

No summary available for fs-core-modules Enlaces a esta entrada Email This BlogThis!

LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/ – Ubuntu Wiki

I managed to restore the LocalSettings: Patch from Debian bug to ensure that futimens is only called with a valid file descriptor. Anx150 installation problems are hardware-specific; for those, see “Hardware support bugs” below.


Fix incorrect checksum validation error LP: Cherrypicked from packaging trunk r Fix fbcon corruption with font width not divisible by 8 LP: Copy or symlink the uncompressed folder “.

Patch by Kees Cook. No summary available for plip-modules Fix crash on double free. This would cause the plugin to send negative values sometimes LP: The previous gap was insufficient on disks that were between and bytes larger linyx a multiple of bytes LP: So I found a page see Reference below that described what to do lniux, most importantly, provided the ARM compiled library that contains the official Flash Player.

Roverbook steel. Проект Debian вместо Android.

Build images with the lts-backport-maverick kernel 2. The workaround is documented in the report.

I think its not a good idea. So it was my fault.

In that case it might make sense to just put basics on the SOM and for development limux the unified base-pcb with diffrent SOMs. Fixes bootstrapping Lucid from Dapper LP: And flash wears off. No summary available for fat-modules Fix race corrupting rpc upcall LP: Be more careful with cleaning up the created cluster if an error occurs: Port twitter service to OAuth, basic auth is no longer supported LP: Fix bug that cause to crash when doing hibernate Driver tries to enable clock gating during GPU hardware initialization.


Known Issues

Add more video mode into extension EDID. No summary available for linux-image Please note that, afaik, all of this is work done by olegk0 see [1] and I have just checked it does lunux on our Picuntu, so all cheers go to himthanks for the great work, olegk0! BTW, if you are also working on supporting TV sticks in Linux like for example Picuntudrop me a line, we can probably help each other!