As editing software cant play back to AVCHD and HDV cameras for monitoring, Intensity is ideal to use for monitoring edits with real time effects on the latest big screen televisions and video projectors by connecting to the built in HDMI out. I will do further research on the specifics of these cameras and see if that is where the issue is. I can display the camera on a Lilliput monitor and it does say i Sun Nov 09, 2: I’m waiting on the same thing. My laptop is seeing the Shuttle as a USB 3. Once you have the 3 devices showing go into the BM control panel and set input to match your cables ie HDMI and set the default video standard to match your source best way to check this is to plug your source directly into a TV and see what the TV thinks it is then set it to the same inside the BM control panel.

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Does not support USB 2.

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Wed Sep 26, 3: Sat Nov 17, 9: Wed May 23, 5: I think my only option is to try to get the distributor to swap my USB-3 Shuttle for a thunderbolt version. Thu Apr 04, 4: Thats a blistering 4. This is an error that usually goes with plugging in too many USB devices into one bus. Sun Oct 28, Any suggestions are gladly accepted!


Blackmagic Forum • View topic – Intensity Shuttle USB not working on Windows 10

I have Cyberlink Power Director 12 installed; do you know if it has some kind of timebase correction options, or do I need additional software? Thanks for the heads up, badsmile and Aaron Star. Wed Oct 31, 3: Mon Oct 08, 4: My laptop is seeing the Shuttle as a USB 3.

I will do further research on the specifics of these cameras and see if that is where the issue is.

Do I need to provide more information on the USB port drivers etc? Users browsing this forum: Fri Mar 11, 7: I’ve been attempting to capture video and audio from videotapes, on an ancient Beta video recorder which uses the Australian PAL standard.

For questions about the forum, please contact the forum administrators. Thunderbolt Connection Visit Blackmagic Design web site. I’ve qindows a site with detailed instructions on installing the latest Intel extensible USB 3.


Also it can depend wijdows what else the manufacturer has loaded onto the USB 3 controller, if it has WiFi, webcam, Bluetooth etc turning those off can also help. So it seems to do the right thing into a monitor.

Everything worked fine when I was with Windows Sun Nov 09, 2: Connecting to cameras and digital set top boxes via HDMI for the highest quality. Bing [Bot] and 0 guests.

Best wishes Andy McClure. What USB3 controller are you using is it onboard or add in.

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I’m interested in any further suggestions you might have about the dropped frame problem and the HDMI issue. Is there a specific driver that works? Sat Dec 29, 6: Sat Feb 27, 5: I have updated the software of the device that Blackmagic provides in their website with the most new version one that supports W Avid Media Composer has been the choice of professional editors for over 20 years.