Immediately seen and configured HW with the bundled Rt73 driver. Worked with ndis-wrapper and XP driver from Zio X7 http: Please do not add new entries here , you should always find out the chipsets of your wireless network adapter and add them to the appropriate tables. Please check these resources:. Requires ‘ralink-firmware’ package, auto selected by YaST, when rt73usb driver got loaded. Works right out of the box on

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This device is typically misidentified in lspci as a eg. Works with openSUSE Retrieved from ” https: Works right out of the box on Recommend running kernel update to use hardware on openSUSE Tracking down wireless problems – SDB: Choose the network and go.

Before adding entries to this HCL or search for helps in case your wireless adapter does not work correctly, it is very important to first find out some basic information about your bfoadcom adapter. Let Gnome NetworkManager do its normal thing. Good signal strength, WPA Personal also works well. Use download from wirelesa Works with extra modules from update repo but openSUSE Immediately seen and configured HW with the bundled Rt73 driver.


This table list cards with known chipsets. Works great with madwifi in Please note that if a piece of hardware was working with openusse previous openSUSE release, it is likely it will work with the most recent openSUSE release if it is based on a chipset with free software drivers and firmware if required.

PackMan :: Package details for broadcom-wl

Use ndiswrapper and the drivers from the website. Works correctly without any manual configuration.

Tested with 64 bits. Poensuse also read it should work with madwifi. Must install package kernel-firmware. Works,perfect for me on Lenovo R61e from default install.

Connection configurated by YaST. Information about updating this HCL can be found at the end of this page.

Package details

When updating the HCL, please do check that the hardware continues to work as expected for the most recent release. Card almost works out of the box. You can also help by identifying the chipsets of the cards below and add them to the HCL accordingly. Connecting to a wireless network – SDB: Did not briadcom to install drivers.


Worked with ndis-wrapper and XP driver from Zio X7 http: Using both kde3 and kde4 with knetworkmanager which will auto start the connection again openwuse Wake.

Look for pci device ID c. It works between Radio Channels from 1 through Use ndiswrapper install from YaST. Not tested unencrypted though. If you are here because you have experienced a problem with your wireless card after upgrading you may want to consider replacing the card rather than trying to get it to work using a program like NDISWrapper.