And this new hardware is not compatible with the previous versions. This feature is now a requirement, instead of a luxury, for most spectroscopy systems. The threshold to cut the cooler power supply is lowered from 45 to 40 V DC; The controller starts to cool again when the voltage exceeds again 45 V DC; A counter is implemented ensuring that the cooler does not keep restarting in case there is a real problem with the 48V internal voltage line. Units with fewer than six inputs can be field upgraded with additional inputs. Otherwise sets external-stop enable mode according to value. A single AIM, in conjunction with a Genie family workstation, can control a whole bin of programmable NIM for total computer front-end configuration and control.

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Triangular shaping offers superior energy resolution due to its inherently longer rise time, better signal to noise ratio and reduced sensitivity to detector rise time variations. Independent integrate and differentiate controls allow flexible control of shaping with selection of time constants between 10 ns and ns.

Quantification and identification of alpha-emitting nuclides plays a key role in site environmental characterization and radiation protection. Gas detector Electrical network analyzer Portable detector Benchtop analyzer Integration analyzer Portable analyzer Power quality analyzer Temperature analyzer Compact analyzer Radiation detector Power analyzer Digital detector X-ray detector Gamma detector Stand-alone detector Ambient air detector Neutron detector MCA analyzer Beta radiation detector Alpha radiation detector.

Modular NIM packaging makes it easy to reconfigure systems as needs change or as new technologies become available.



Share buttons are a little bit lower. During startup the controller detects the coldhead version and automatically selects the applicable wire compensation. The LTC circuit then generates a system dead time that extends the collection time to compensate for the events lost due to pileup rejection. Also, multiple Multport II units can be totally remotecontrolled from a single computer. Introducing Osprey — the ultimate solution for scintillation detector spectroscopy.

With the InSpectorthese problems are dramatically reduced — while portability is significantly improved. That is, the same data or parameters can be written to all MCA devices on a Canberra module with one command.

This document describes the changes between previous firmware version and any known issues. Otherwise, sets the polarity. Each product page has local support and sales contacts assigned directly to the product detail page. The restoration rate and threshold are automatically fine tuned for all shapings, gain multiiport count rate conditions.

The preamplifier offers a noise contribution of only 2. The web browser capability can be used for controlling and checking count status from any computer on the Internet if permission is granted by the system administrator. The PUR circuit interrogates incoming pulses for pile up and generates a signal that prevents the ADC multuport converting the piled up events.

These patch files have been engineering tested only. However, this is very labor intensive and not an extremely efficient solution to the problem. For reference, the internal multipory pulser can be set to mark energies from 0. Otherwise sets external-stop enable mode according to value. Premature and possibly damaging application of bias to the detector is avoided by a user-configured interlock.


Otherwise, sets the live-time preset to value. Demonstration Version of Product fully functional; however, no actual monitor is required and canbefra be run on your computer: The peak amplitude of each output pulse is linearly proportional to the total charge output of the PMT during each amplified photo event.


You must install first the driver before you connect Colibri to the computer. The Model Automatic Fine Tuning AFT Research Amplifier represents the latest in spectroscopy amplifier design and includes all the features associated with a research grade signal processor: Fernow, Introduction to Experimental.

The versatility of the is further enhanced by a bipolar output for use in timing and gating applications. When paired with the computer of choice, the Lynx becomes a complete spectroscopy workstation capable of the highest quality acquisition and analysis.

By adjusting the time constant settings, the user can optimize pulse shape and slope-to-noise ratio when making timing measurements.

Users should exercise caution when using these patch files. A front panel LED indicator is provided to assist in set up and troubleshooting. It has all the characteristics necessary to make it useful with scintillation detectors, gas proportional mulriport, and silicon detectors.

The Model Amplifier represents the latest in a programmable spectroscopy amplifier design and includes all the features associated with a research grade signal processor.