To remain competitive, Intel can’t help but include overclocking functions too. Intel wields a considerable amount of influence in the motherboard business. The slots themselves are arranged in a 2 by 2 configuration, color coded between sets to mark proper Dual Channel memory mode DIMM placement. Go to the Boot menu. Read on to find out how this new kid on the block does against its more established brethren.

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[H]ardOCP: Intel DXECV2

Notice that the CPU fan header is a four pin header, supporting a d925xevv2 with either the standard 3 pin connector or the 4 pin connector, which allows for a greater degree of fan control. High-Performance Power Supply Units. Synthetic, Continued Page The mounting szta used is the standard four hole LGA based design. The P4 Series and Extreme Edition 3. The board test is clearly marked as a revision 01 board, with the serial number to the left of the model and revision information.

Intel Desktop Board D925XECV2 – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – i925X

It allows up to 3. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. We got around the problem by turning the system off and then back on again. Combined capacity of all hard drives. To the left of the front panel header is a male Molex connector.


After all, it’s better for them if customers invest more money for a faster processor! To the left of the Molex connector is an additional auxiliary power header. Site design and front-end production by mike kane. Both a white and a black panel are provided. If you are wondering about the slot arrangement, you should know that Intel uses the same layout as for a MicroATX motherboard, leaving out only the two left PCI slots.

This power connector is an auxiliary power connector for powering system fans or LEDs. With a longer video card installed, you will definitely have issues installing and removing memory from at least the upper set of DIMM slots. These numbers aren’t meaningful to optical drives.

OTN – HCL: Custom Built Intel DXECV2

Over the course of the last few years, its product assortment has steadily grown, and Intel now offers 16 boards for the series chipsets d925xec2. Switching v925xecv2 may cause an “NTLDR” error, an immediate blue screen error followed by a d925zecv2, or other boot failure. However, these speeds are relevant only to hard drives. Fast read Slightly degraded write.

Should something happen to the RAID volume, the operating system should not be impacted. Intel LGA based processors. Try a BIOS recovery. Intel is a world renowned company, known and loved for their CPU, chipset, and motherboard designs. Intel included this Molex connector onboard in order to alleviate possible power issues when using a standard pin connector ATX power supply with a high power PCI Express video card.


However, one particular feature they d925xec2 don’t offer is unlocking the x14 multiplier via the performance requirement bit. Intel wields a considerable amount of influence in the motherboard business.

The stock cooler on the Northbridge is not actively cooled, but should be more than adequate due to the minimal overclocking capabilities available with the board. Intel only cools its chipset components passively.

Intel definitely put some thought into the design of this board, with all components and sockets being far enough away from one another v925xecv2 as not to crowd each other. Combined capacity of 2 hard drives.

It uses slimmer cables, which improve circulation within the PC and keep the insides cooler.