When I upgraded to Windows 10, I updated all of the drivers, and I had noticed the sound was flat. Coincidentally I also noticed that every time I tried closing iTunes there would be a pop up stating” One or more applications are using the iTunes scripting interface. If I ever find a fix for these problems, I’ll come back and note them here. Also, the Dell Audio program has reappeared in the Control Panel. I downloaded and installed all three.

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I followed your link to the Dell site.

Audlomax thought everything was okay, but the same problems suddenly reappeared. Apparently Windows 10 deleted that. I’ve continued to do all the detective work looking for a cause and solution, but nothing has worked so far. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix my problems. With my replacement dying the same way my first xps 15 did I am almost sure the program or preset is pushing the speakers beyond their limits.

Audiomwx did a bit of research into this new problem, and in the end I decided I had nothing to lose by downloading the other updates, the BIOS and the Chipset updates.

Dell Audio equalizer doesn’t work – Microsoft Community

The delp problem is that the volume level jumps all over the place when Dll pause or switch programs. Updated to 10 this morning, turn on some music once it was done, and it sounds terrible. I didn’t really know what was causing it so I actually made a post about it on the Dell XPS 13 Owner’s Lounge thread in this forum. Are you sure you want to quit? Note that my first unit no longer has working speakers, both are dead.


Tried google, found 1 post on a Dell forum about it, and the replies that guy got were seemingly from an illiterate robot and were no use at all. I have no idea what device it installed and there is now an “Unknown Device” with an exclamation mark listed in Device Manager.

Also, the Dell Audio program has reappeared in the Control Panel. Wow I’m so happy I found this post. If your laptop is still under warranty and don’t mind the repair process or the risk of their speakers dying, simply give it a try and report back. It downloaded and installed without a problem, but it didn’t fix the sound problems I’ve been experiencing.

Yes I noted running Dell wavepro software, there is problem in memory and cpu leaks. If you don’t remove the older driver, the installer for the new delk gets confused. Any helpful hints from anyone would be appreciated.

DougNienhuis Replied on August 7, IvoBokern Replied on August 7, I have no idea why. In reply to DougNienhuis’s post on August 6, There was a loud crackling sound when I played any video file on the Internet.


Dell Audio equalizer doesn’t work…

And now I had a new problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I went back to the Audiomsx site and ran the Guide Me program again.

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XPS 15 9550 – Do not use Dell’s MaxxAudioPro Preset!

Tell us about your experience with our site. Windows 10 seems to have made a number of changes on my PC as I really liked using the Dell Maxx Audio equalizer features. The next time I switch to another program and go back, the volume jumps up again audlomax the audio quality drops or changes anyway.

I also was missing the equalizer and MaxxAudio settings after upgrading to Windows 10 with my Dell xps l