How do I reset the network stack as if from a reboot? Fn key codes for camera, suspend camera did work under Karmic once, but I cannot enable it again, likely because of the Fn key code issues. Wireless Atheros AR doesn’t work out of the box. Skype knows this builtin webcam and you can use this one for your skype video chats. There are multiple freezing reports.

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THE current cy in Documentation: Installation goes straight forward. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Mini install CD doesn’t work with ehternet and wifi. This is easily resolved using the Keyboard Shortcuts applet see http: To work around skype mic issue, instal pulse audio volume control, unlock channel padlock and slide one mic fully to left.

Presumably this is a Broadcom wireless driver error, see this discussion link.

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Download the update from the asus homepage or use the muni asus autoupdate windows app if you haven’t already wiped your windows partition. Recommend passing “nosplash” to kernel do avoid long delay at bootup with Karmic. This can be enable with some scripting but for now I’d recommend not trying unless you are an advanced user.


When you have finished installing Lucid Lynx you need to plug in the netbook via the ethernet port and install the latest updates in order for the wireless to delk from the network manager applet. I had do switch eth0 to manual otherwise boot hangs for a long time if no cable is connected.

Dell Mini 10v running Android and Ubuntu

I learned quite a bit and appreciate it. Since I use my dell to give presentations every week, I just boot to windows and setup the dual screen. Dell Mini 12 Inspiron Some features work very well: However, I have usb 2. Some Fn-keys don’t work out of the box. At least two users have reported that Wi-Fi did not work out of the box.

Audio jack does not work. Volume, Sleep and display hotkeys.

Most importantly, Intel’s GMA support has been incomplete over the years. Toshiba NB Ubuntu The system is usable.

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The wireless driver needs to be activated first — choose the STA one, not the b43 which makes the machine hang during boot. HP Mini nr Karmic Works out-of-the-box, but has some problems with wired connection: On Karmic I had to remove all things broadcom b43 et al and install the “bcmwl-kernel-source” package see https: Run ‘sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-common ubuntj Samsung N Works well for most things, sound, webcam, ports all reported to work correctly.


The system will suggest doing it after installing. Dell Mini 10 Inspiron This netbook has a host of problems, as detailed below: Beau Hamilton 1 month 8 hours ago. For example, if you need 2 lines with 1 GB of data each, you would select 2 GB of data with the data slider below.

The ath9k module which is supplied by default doesn’t seem to work ununtu. There are crashes when using compiz with kernels in Ubuntu 9.

You can use Xubuntuif you want a bit more functionality than Lubuntu. Deactivate Broadcom Wireless drivers.