I would make an educated guess that this should be an easy GUI mod. From the Sound tab, modify your sound settings as desired and click OK. We are also considering to switch to competitors, but what a hassle, and we do like Logmein otherwise this seemingly minor issue. I’m having the same issue and getting nowhere with the normal support channels Thanks! Getting started Community guidelines. Mute speakers while in-session:

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Nohano- are you sure you’re not a software developer? Turns off all sounds from the host PC if a slow network connection is detected. Apr 6, 6: Oct 6, 3: Llogmein lose listeners if I do. It’s smart to let the user toggle both host and remote sound with one button in the main UI.

Thats how desperate we are.

LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer!

I’m sure this has made for quite a few startling and eerie events when logmekn unknowingly restore sound to far away host computers. Tim Woolf Tim Woolf. Review the following suggestions to troubleshoot a variety of audio issues.


Also, I have another device in Sound panel that I would like to uninstall and that is ” Nielsen Audio. I’m thinking of putting a disclaimer on anytime audio is disrupted to note: Select Sound Settings from the menu. Thanks for sharing disabble.

Mar 1, 8: This will disable remote sound AND return playback to the host computer.

This was diasble your post gave me the best hints. Automatically disable sound if my Internet connection is slow: Its gone now, and may Logmein never return! I also removed the com. I am starting a new thread in Soud as previous bumps have not worked and there are paying users who would like this fixed.

I ran the Logmein uninstaller and searched everywhere for any Logmein files but never found that one until you directed me to it. Leave this option checked for in-session privacy.

What steps can I take to Troubleshoot Remote Sound issues?

Put a button with a link graphic between them and show a broken link when the button is disabled. For optimal sound quality and to performance, install the latest version of Windows Media Player on both the host and client computers.


Yes please – please, please, please. I’m still on my logmein Pro trail, but need to make sure when I login to a compueter that the sound output is not interubted. Please note that it is not available for Macs. If you partially logmdin it, you may need to re-install it for the Uninstaller to work properly.

I am also using the Android app and this suffers much the same problem and the option in the settings menu doesn’t really make sense. I spent trying to find where the option to disable it was Now, if we could all stop attacking our politicians and unify in peace, the world would be a better place!

Did you ever get this solved? Is there NO fix for this? Modify your sound preferences Click the Sound button in the upper right-hand corner of the Viewer window.