I also have a broadcasting video monitor Very high end CRT, runs p , should I use that instead of my gaming monitor? The turntable can be activated via shorter moving distance. FP7 is a great tradeoff between space and arcade-accuracy. The springs are cheap so I would buy both 60g and 20g and then the. Stay Connected Enter your email address to receive special offers and promotions. Distance Between Turntable Brder and No.

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djdxo USB standard A receptacle. If you are dead set on playing at home, LR2 should be pretty close. The major con is that to unlock a lot of the charts, you have to grind a bit for a point system called Bits and you unlock on a per chart basis not a per song basis.

Yeah, then LR2 is your best bet. Many people told me to get into LR2HD, got it djdaao and will give it a shot. Just looked and even the Real Edition doesn’t come default with Sanwas or Omrons.

But I guess the benefit with buying from Gamo2 is the convenience?

I suggest that over the FP7, but that’s just me. To make sure that the accurate value of button output reaches 1ms, the button signal is optimized separately. Support dp7 perfectly On LR2. Best way to play IIDX? I’ve used both for a while and it’s horrible compared to a real table.


FS: DJ DAO FP7 (Sold!) – Marketplace – Site Forums – ZIv

Well, first, download the hdd data from any iidx you can get it cjdao https: The pros to this is it is made for a home PC and runs well on pretty much the lowest tier computers. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Still plays as good as djdzo changed switches a few times of course. FP7 is created inwhich experienced 6 times appearance revision and 4 times IC upgrade. FP7 use the latest CNC cutting process and imported German acrylic material with smooth texture.

Also since you’re new to this it sounds like, there are a few ‘official’ ways to play Djdaoo. The PEE fits on my lap pretty well, but I don’t play with it on my lap normally.

Check out the Zenius-I-Vanisher machine locater. If it can be placed on your lap then seems like a perfect size!

Love green, but the mismatch is fucking me up. What’s the difference between them other than size of the actual thing and the turntable? Infinitas seems tempting but LR2 being free is just too good to pass. I’m probably just gonna use LR2 instead of wasting money on a ps2 and a bunch of games.

Where do you live?


FS: DJ DAO FP7 (Sold!)

I can put it on my lap with no issue. The gear had been redesigned, new gear use mold injection, the material is German ABS material, whose degree of deformation dhdao much smaller than the old model. A lot of this comes down to personal preference and people fp have a set-up they prefer. Really appreciate all the help man! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You can Rival other players and compare your scores to them, so there’s more of acommunity.

Unfortunately that’s about it unless you go the pirated Arcade game route, which many here discourage because it’s stealing and doesn’t support the developers. Yeah I never liked the EZ2DJ style anyways, what I meant to say here is pirating arcade iidx is practically the only way I’ll ever be able to play the arcade version, otherwise I have to travel. Any recommendations on the setup I should use? The FP7 scratch is 21mm high, which is the same as AC.