Rang the original retailer, explained the situation to them. Please be warned, Media Center may start to wake up your computer to download program listings and program updates. The guaranteed way of removing all traces of a program is to restore the pc to a configuration that existed prior to the installation of that program. Can we also assume that your reference to updating drivers includes the Dvico drivers? Having done all that, you can then write the drive image back to the newly partitioned original drive. I am also currently using Video Studio 12 Ultimate. Sometimes it worked flawlessly and other times it stuttered as we went backwards and forwards through a time-shifted program.

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While the partition is hidden, you should be able to see it in a program like Partition Magic or Paragon Hard Disc Manager. Stopping Microsoft Media Center services. Linux Washing my hands with soap after typing that may be an option, but that may be a myth, the program name being MythTV. We tested the tuner in two geographical areas and received strong reception results in both areas.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Happy to proven wrong, though, since as I say, I would love to get rid of it but have not yet found a partition manager which will do it! A server computer is included to provide the fast data stream.


I’m trying to use it with Windows 8 on a new laptop, and am having problems. As Ken Berry pointed out there are “work arounds” but I’m not all that keen on “work arounds”, they create extra work.

The Paragon version I used keeps nagging you with prompts at every stage, which I found annoying, but in fairness it seemed to work at about the same speed as Ghost.

Discussion in ‘ General Support ‘ started by hawk2k2December 10, Anyway, even when faced with one of the monstrous partitions you describe, it’s still possible to configure your hard drive in the way I posted – in XP at least. Sorry Ken and no disrespect meant but I couldn’t take much comfort, if, when reading a flight manual, I found something along the lines of; Press go button twice but if that fails, matches are stowed under the seat, light blue touch paper.

SHF, Thanks for the info and pointer to the correct forum. Larry Kenney is offline. Sign in with LinkedIn Huner/bda in with Facebook.

dvic It can be tiresome and disc-space intensive to make disc images prior to each update. I think that the higher speeds only pertain to file playback. The final few lines read; Q: I regret again for telling you about the Fusion7 USB, my knowledge about the horrible defective software came only later.

Back on track, I’m going to have to try out my Fusion7 again soon so I don’t forget how to program it. Not much use now, but you might consider making regular Windows System Restore points, enabling you to revert to previous configurations in the event of tuner/nda giving problems.


Dvico Fusion HDTV DVB-T HOME

Let us know what happens Can’t Add Capture Card: Channels 52 and above are now gone. It’s a bit round the houses, but it does work. It supports scheduled recordings, manual recordings and can perform time-shifting, although you must first enable the time-shifting feature before you can start pausing live TV.

We give away MediaPortal for free but hosting and software is tunr/bda for us. Mind you, it has a facility like Ghost, so that might make it worthwhile, now that I think about it!

DVICO FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4 | MediaPortal HTPC

In my case it simply says EISA partition. Create new standard setup.

Computers have been around long enough now for us to be getting it right. However, this card does get picked up in TVEngineV3. What is more, I have just done scans on both tuners, and both worked fine.

Stephen, thanks for the update on the Dvico USB software.