Update 12th June Several functions may not work. Although our products can’t cause any such issues, we’re regularly contacted about such issues and asked for help. They are the keys with the “HID usage page” set to 0C. There is no manufacturer’s name on this remote or the manual, but they appear to be from Ortek http: If the eHome device does not appear you aren’t using the eHome driver and you should read no further.

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This is a binary array consisting of rows of 7 bytes. The above example is from Windows 7. The addon includes an option to display the instructions. This is a probably futile attempt to keep up with the vast range of MCE remotes out there, and give some indication of how well they work with XBMC.

Requires a minor kernel patch to support all buttons in Linux. Once patched, works well with Linux.

The key codes for the multimedia keys are also listed in http: It’s located elsewhere and can also only be solved there. The only reason for continuing with this article is if you want to customise the Microsoft remote to change the actions rceiver any of the buttons or to make the Info and coloured buttons work.


Therefore Remote Buddy is neither the cause of the issue nor is it responsible for it. It’s an arbitrary code selected by MS. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Support for it may be available in the future, though. I’ve forgotten my password. You receivsr have javascript disabled.

As long as you’re running Remote Buddy, Remote Buddy and its driver are responsible for turning the received button presses into actions. Channel up button on the universal remote.

Using a Microsoft remote control in Windows – Official Kodi Wiki

They are the keys with the “HID usage page” set to 0C. Receive page was last edited on receiverr Mayat The next release of Remote Buddy will also recognize this receiver, but not having the device here for running tests, I can’t give refeiver guarantee that it’ll work. If byte 4 is set to 03 the eHome driver will generate a “Raw Input” message and if byte 4 is 04 this will cause the button to send a keypress i. Posted 19 December – Also the speed of your computer has to deal with it as well.

This means that there is no byte available to specify the key modifiers, so you cannot combine a multimedia keypress with ctrl, shift, alt, etc.

microsoft ehome receiver not working properly in win 10

It can locate issues with a single click and will provide you with information about the issue as well as with instructions on how you can fix it. XBMC has all the required keyboard mappings for these remotes so they should work out of the box. Here is the file that describes all the buttons except the mouse keys on the VRC remote. Text on this page is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Note that the standard MS remote uses number 12 for this button.


Recwiver that the the i button sends a right mouse click, which isn’t much use in XBMC as the right click can’t be mapped to recelver action. Is there a chance my eHome transceiver to work with Remote Buddy? From the product ID it looks like a newer version of long available, other TopSeed receivers.

This article applies to remote controls that use the Microsoft eHome device driver.

When windows goes into one of these states it will power down your devices and notify the programs. Power button is captured through a different interface.

Instead, the cause of the issue exists independently of Remote Buddy.