Operations During Copying Operations during Copying Operations during Copying This section describes available operations during copying. Left Page Only Copies the left page only. Sending Ifax ifax Transmission 4 Fax Features Unavailable for Sending iFax The following features are available for regular fax transmission, but are not available for iFax transmission. Close the document cover. Trouble during Copying Cause The document is colored, rough, or a blueprint. Transparency Separators inserting Blank Sheets Between Transparencies , Multiple-up copying Multiple Pages Onto One Sheet or for distribution is loaded in the same orientation as that of the transparencies. Using the Receiver Pick up the telephone receiver.

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ApeosPort-II 5010 How To, FAQ & Answers

Select [AM] or [PM]. Importing Scanned Data Import Method for Scanned Documents You can change the display and the import settings for documents scanned from a mailbox. The warning marks stand for the An invalid character was detected in the specified user name. Push the top of the staple cartridge holder down as shown. Move Lever 2b to the right, and then remove the jammed paper. Notes and Restrictions If receiving an unsupported iFax profile, the machine may not be able to print the file.

CartridgeMate ยป Fuji Xerox APEOSPORT II Laser Cartridges

Paper Jams Turn Wheel 2c in the direction of the arrow to eject the jammed paper. Using this feature reduces fyji amount of unnecessary outputs, because you can select and print only the necessary data.


Image quality best suited to the paper type can be obtained by setting xerlx desired image processing to particular paper types. Continuous form paper 10 x 12″ []: CentreWare Internet Services allows you to import documents from a machine’s mailbox to a computer through no application exrox.

Setup Menu Restrictions on Using Job Flow A job flow can be used by single or multiple users, or can be used by linking to a specific mailbox. If you have more documents, repeat Steps 3 and 4.

The error history report shows the latest 50 errors. Select [Screen Default], and select [Change Settings].

Types of paper loaded in trays The machine automatically detects the size and orientation of loaded paper in trays. Clicking on the [Import] button removes stored fjji from the mailbox, and saves them in the specified directory.


Stored Programming 7 Stored Programming This chapter describes the Stored Programming feature that enables you to store customized job settings. The Edge Erase feature allows you to erase such shadows. Lift up the lever on the right side of Cover B, and open Cover B. These values are approximate and may vary depending on the paper type, size, and orientation of the original documents.

LCK exists in the forwarding destination, delete it manually, then try executing the job This setting automatically identifies text and photo areas to scan each area with optimum quality. Contact our Customer Support Center.


If this report is set to be printed automatically, it is printed each time when a broadcast transmission is complete.

You can enter a passcode of up to 20 digits using numeric characters fjui to 9. Original Orientation specifying The Orientation Of Loaded Documents 3 Copy Original Orientation Specifying the Orientation of Loaded Documents This feature allows you to specify the orientation of a document to have the machine identify the top of the document. The G3 mode is available. Select the item to be changed.

Page 64 3 Copy Copy You can set the basic features on the [Copy] screen. For information on the network settings, refer to the Network Administrator Guide.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

Page 8 Computer Operations Select a document from the list, and click [Import]. Stick the supplied pin into the old stamp cartridge, and pull it straight out of the machine. Page 28 1 Before Using the Machine If toner spills onto your skin or clothing, wash aleosport off with soap and water.