Have not been doing too much “preservation” as of late Hard times call for hard measures And the prices are often insane. I steal a cart from some old lady that was too busy checking out an old couch, and put the beast in the cart. Had to park a block away since the parking lot was full. The surprising part is that they did leave the HDD in it

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And God forbid someone try to rescue it from the dumpster.

F93 Computers collection on eBay!

Around here, it’s exactly the opposite. Those machines, as they become obsolete, are treated the same way as that old fridge that sits in the garage until tateway turns it into a kegerator, or that old dryer that gets used for BB target shooting next to that old rusty Camaro on blocks.

Shading my eyes to block as much light as possible, short of completely blinding myself, I managed to scan the shelves just enough to confirm my worst suspicion that there was absolutely nothing in the entire store worth the effort of dragging home, much less having held my breath for a full 3. This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

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Usually they just have a typical bateway box Pentium II running Windows I had actually stopped at The Salvation Army store. Now they make sure the items are worthless. The problem was that in the past they were simply throwing them away, but their own employees were picking them right out of the trash or tipping their buddies to know when to pick up big ticket items for resale. The county school board here has auctions regularly where they sell old computer stuff.


The Salvation Army near me is much better organized, but also has a much smaller selection of electronics. I quickly do the mandatory visual inspection and find no missing plastics or even metal expansion slot covers I fast-walk towards it, in fear that another vintage geek might be lurking, hiding between the 70’s suits isles, and grab a hold of it.

The surprising part is that they did leave the HDD in it The monitor works like a charm, bright picture, no flaws whatsoever. If it doesn’t come in in a box, the power supply winds up in one area, the unit in another, the manuals shoved on a shelf in the cooking section they’re not very organized – and that is if they even put it out at all. Add to watch list. Okay, that one wasn’t really as exciting, but it was still a somewhat cool find.

FS: Gateway 2000 CrystalScan EV700 17″ Monitor

They also had a Timex Sinclair. Barely more than a toy, that was. See full item description.

They usually spray paint the back. That greed of separating items is certainly annoying and has hit our Goodwill’s in town. For additional information, see the Global Gateeay Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab. You may find a system cdystalscan now adays it’s extremely rare to find any vintage computers like they used to always have but instead of bundling it together they’ll have the power supply separate and for another price similar to the system.


Where I’m at, we have both the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but more than anything they’re clothing stores. When someone pays 5K for something, they’re apt to take better care of it than the one they buy for They organize computers and usually devices that have AC adapters are grouped with their respective adapters if possible, rubberbands are usedto make sure they don’t get lost or mis-arranged.

My teacher let me rebuild them instead of doing my schoolwork. Jun 29, Once I lost my sense of smell, I proceeded straight back to the section that, from far away, is merely recognizable by the variety of old bookshelf speakers covered in the cheapest faux vateway laminates known to man.

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And if they’re selling any stereo systems or computers, they usually have them all hooked up and ready to be tried out. United States and many other countries See details.

There is a local thrift forget the name that has cheap prices but you rarely see a computer there, just pieces and parts of them keyboards, scanners, monitors, mice, consoles. I passed on it the first time but as I was leaving the store still having the maps and stories that I glimpsed at in the book going through my head I ran back in to grab it and still need to figure out if SSI ended up doing some set like that or not.