Depending on the system, either acpi or apm will need to be set. It is better to automate some of the decisions of governing CPU frequency. Great, so cpufrequtils is gone? Add instructions for kernel configuration of remaining CPU frequency drivers. Starting this script will put wlan0 in Power Management mode, going to sleep at the latest three seconds after no traffic.

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The next sections assume a runlevel battery exists. Decreasing tentoo speed is a trade off between performance loss and energy saving. Observe there are two USE flags that seem to collide: You can also try to fix it yourself which is beyond the scope of this guide.

Power Management Guide

cpkfreq Notice that throttling doesn’t save much energy and is mainly used for thermal management keeping your laptop cool and quiet. Sat Dec 13, 6: This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Setting it to small values might wear out your drive and lose warranty. The acpiapmand pmu USE overlap, so only one should be active.


Power budget for each component. Why you think it is masked? This guide assists you setting it up on your laptop. Have a look at processes that write to your disk frequently – the syslogd is a good candidate. The original one is swsusp, then there is swsusp2 which has the nicest interface including bootsplash supportbut requires manual kernel patching.

The second possibility is using a small script and hdparm. We already selected the governors we want to use in the kernel configuration earlier.

Last not least Troubleshooting lists common pitfalls. Fri Dec 12, 5: If your script is ready, add it gentio the battery runlevel. It contains three different sections:.

Display posts cppufreq previous: As you can see in figure 1. The following installed packages are masked: Enable support for NVidia graphical card configuration through the NVidia nvclock interfaceallowing cpufreqd to change the video card frequency of NVidia graphical cards. When it is run, it sorts the running processes in order of how often they cause the processor to wake up.


Gentoo Forums :: View topic – Great, so cpufrequtils is gone?

Don’t forget to re-check BIOS settings after you configured everything else. Power Management for other devices 7.

Some batteries sold as “new” are in fact old ones. Have you tried to boot one of those, did frequency scaling work? Not every laptop supports frequency scaling.

Power management/Processor – Gentoo Wiki

There are two problems with USB cpufrfq regarding energy consumption: First cpudyn supports Disk Power Management. Onces it’s ready, make sure it gets called.

Sun Feb 25, 9: It may cause confusion like switching between two frequencies all the time. Why would cpufrreq need to receive updates as long as it remains working?