The TSP that comes with the device is installed on the workstation and Tapi Link talks to this driver. The files will be played back by the default player for. You will, however, need to check that the IVR system and the Tapi driver provided by the telephone system manufacturer is capable of passing this data. To request an evaluation copy of Tapi Link, please email us using this link click here. If your telephone system maintainer is not knowledgeable in this technology, please contact us for assistance.

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I did a little research on a Goldmine API and found there are several ways to interact with it.

Return to Switchvox Developers. The functionality of Call Reallocator has now been built into Power Dialer such that the Call list tali be automatically topped up when the number of calls drops below a certain level and the end of a batch of calls is reached.

The operating system must support Tapi 1.

You may be considering a modem. Information on the Siemens HiPath third party solution can be found on their website at http: Your telephone system supplier should be able to tell you if your telephone system can be gapi to support Tapi, although sometimes they are not aware of all the techniques possible.

In first party configuration, a device called a CTIA or an MCA depending on the handset in use is attached to the telephone extension of the user.

The call control capability is distributed to the workstations using the CT Connect Tapi software which is installed on the workstations. The device is connected to the workstation using a serial cable. If the modem has a microphone and speaker port for attachment of a headset then there is a good chance that the device will work to a certain extent with Power Dialer.


Simple to use and easy to setup, Tapi Link will work with any standard Tapi compliant device. Information on the Alcatel can be found on their website at http: The TSP must match the level of software on the telephone system. If there is no answer it drops the call and dials the next.

In first party configuration, a device called a CTA is attached to the telephone extension line of the user. In first party configuration, a device called a CTM Computer Telephony Module is attached to the telephone extension line of the user. It will present calling party contact details over any Windows application when the phone is ringing. In theory it should work, I am just wondering if someone has tired it.

The Nortel Meridian can be configured in both first party and third party configuration. The TSP that comes with the telephone system is installed on the workstation. This area is designed to help you. Some, but not all phone system manufacturers offer a TAPI golrmine and some, but not all phone system vendors are aware of what a TAPI driver is all about. The Zultys MX is a SIP IP telephone system that can only be configured in first party configuration though the communication is goldmien the local area network.

Tapi Link for GoldMine – Screen pop, Dial and much more – CTi Solution

The predictive dialer creates yapi on the server, waits for the outcome of the dial and then transfers the call to an agent when it detects that it is connected to a live person. Because the modem needs to drop out of a conversation so that the user and the call recipient have a clear line, Power Dialer does not know when a call is finished and needs to rely on the user to inform Power Dialer when they are ready for the next call.


Has anyone done this or is there any interest in working this with my reseller? For screen popping there are three elements required.

A predictive dialer has an entry point cost of approximately USD20The audio signal is passed into the computer through a standard 3.

In order to work optimally the Tapi driver needs to update and inform Power Dialer on the progress of a call.

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In addition to the device, an appropriate user license needs to be purchased. In first party configuration, a device called an Alcatel module is slotted into the digital telephone of the user. Information on the Tone Commander device can be found on their website at http: If your telephone system is not listed, don’t despair – glldmine may still be able to help you – contact us for more details.