Download the latest release of Apache Tomcat. Enter the certificate password. The server must be registered to the DNS with direct adn reverse resolution; Please set a human readable server hostname for your server e. A vomses file is a simple text file which contains one or more lines formatted as follows:. Initializing the eToken The eToken initialization option restores an eToken to irs initial state.

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Change Password – changes the eToken user password; 3.

To prevent anyone else from using your digital certificate, your token is protected by a PIN Code. If you delete the certificate or its keys, you will need to buy a new certificate. Click Initialize eToken on the toolbar, or right-click the token name in the left pane and select Initialize eToken from the shortcut menu.

nistall Wed Jan 16 We like to feature links to these articles, with your permission, on our Web site. You may obtain a copy of the License at http: If the certificate requires a password, a Password dialog box opens. Click Rename eToken in the right pane, and the Rename eToken dialog box is displayed as shown in the below figure:.


Enter the new name in the New eToken name field. This icon indicates that there are files to be downloaded. Click egoken Advanced from the toolbar to switch to thre Advanced view.

This counter intsall the number of times the user or administrator can attempt to log on to the eToken with an incorrect password before the eToken is locked. In the left pane of the eToken Properties window, select the token to be renamed.

For this wiki we used the following version: This appendix provides a brief explaination of the eToken Properties etProps and the various configuration options available to the user. Installing the certificate in Mozilla Firefox 7.

Click Rename eToken in the right pane, and the Rename eToken etken box is displayed as shown in the below figure: Download an example of configuration files for the eToken from here [ 21 ] stoken save it as eTokens Before to complete, some additional options can be specified in the 4th.

Renaming the eToken The token name may be personalized.

How to download Aladdin eToken PKI Client v SP 1 software and documentation

Advanced – switches to the Advanced view; 2. The new token name is displayed in the eToken Properties window. Etooken rename a token: Click on Advanced from the toolbar to switch to the Advanced view.


Signing the confirmation document for ANAF The creation of a request to access the generic USB smat card and generates a etoke certificate is performed in few steps. Electronic archival CyberSecurity Cards Technical support: It is a cryptographic device token that can only store your digital certificate and its keys.

Windows Installation Instructions for SafeNet eToken Identity Token – University Of Virginia

Tto software also includes all the necessary files and drivers to support the eToken management. It is not a memory stick. The Import Certificate dialog box opens. Aladdin eToken Here are a few things you should know about Aladdin eToken: In case you would like to cite the Java light-weight crypto library in your papers, we recomment that you use the following reference: Inside each VO two types of files can be found: