The screen is too tiny for photos and video. Available in “Noble” white or “Platinum” black, the iAudio U3 has more features than the Apple iPod nano , and that’s reflected in its slightly higher price. My frequency response and distortion tests revealed that the U3’s output with the included earbuds and with EQ and sound enhancement options disabled is fairly strong in all audible registers, with slightly better-than-average bass response and a clean signal even at maximum volume. The convenient text and image view can be accessed while listening to music. When you want to go from, say, the playback screen to the selection screen, your natural instinct is to press the menu button–but that returns you to the main menu. When I first turned the U3 on, I noticed that the bass sounded too strong. I’d certainly like to see a higher frame rate 24 fps would be good and the ability to load videos without conversion.

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When the M3 was released there was a lot of controversy about it, because the actual unit had no display.

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We’ve changed, we promise. Joystick can be tricky to push straight in.

Oaudio announced in May that the X5 series had been discontinued. But even if you’re willing to watch video on the U3’s Lilliputian screen, you probably won’t like the rate: It has a slightly larger version of the same small four-way joystick, the same line-in and headphone jacks at one end, and the same USB port at the other end.


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Manual recording is a snap: He is also a working trumpet player in and around New York City. Visit manufacturer site for details.

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When I first turned the U3 on, I noticed that the bass sounded too strong. The U3 does not perform gapless playback, however, despite its support for OGG and FLAC files, both of which are designed so they can be played back without silence between two continuous tracks such as those found on concert albums.

LCD auto off, time adjustment, contrast adjustment, multilanguage support, contrast adjustment are clear, colorful iqudio customizable, too. The screen is too tiny for photos and video.

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Instead, you have to press the stiff joystick. It requires two different desktop utilities.

Cowon iAudio U3 – Review – PCMag UK

The player supports ID3 tags, but despite having that option enabled in the Settings menu, the Now Playing screen only showed the folder and file name for many of the tracks I loaded. Not Specified by Manufacturer. This allows you to play back music that is encoded with PlaysForSure, such as that available from Iqudio, Rhapsody and other online music services. While it may be the world’s smallest PVP, the tiny screen is more showy than useful for iwudio and photo.

Available in “Noble” white or “Platinum” black, the iAudio U3 has more features than the Apple iPod nanoand that’s reflected in its slightly higher price. The device used a swing-control. No Longer Available Update Location close. The built-in 4GB Flash memory can store up to songs. While the capability is commendable, we just can’t see using this player for anything except audio functions. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.


For other products manufactured by Cowon, see List of Cowon products. Its casing is a silver color instead of the black X5.

aiudio The U3 may not be the greatest MP3 player ever, but I like it a lot because it’s small and lightweight, and it has just about all the features I could want, including good battery life. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with 20 hours of playback, takes just three hours for normal charging.

The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing In our tests, we had problems with line-in recording on one unit, but a backup U3 recorded extremely iaudiio.

The “L” version of the player is a little thicker and heavier though and costs slightly more.

The built-in microphone works well enough, and the adjustable input volume really helps in quiet or loud recording situations.