Authentic rocker pedal action. NI Audio Kontrol bests it by about 10 ms. IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube is one of the best-known guitar amp simulation applications on the market, and IK has previously responded to users’ interfacing needs with the budget StealthPlug and high-end StealthIO hardware. One parameter per control limit. It has a few curious drawbacks, but the Stealth Pedal has it where it counts: To use it with AmpliTube, you load up the X-Gear shell, select the Stealth Pedal as your audio interface and enable it as the control source via the front panel – patches that use a wah, volume or whammy pedal in the Stomps section are mapped automatically by default.

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For one thing, the drivers seem a little “off” – out of date for one thing, with a finicky setup interface and more overall latency than I expected.

IK Multimedia

pedak April 01, Well, actually, Plan B kind of fell apart as well. Windows wanted to have a look and help, and helpfully they said “failed”. I’ve decided to just get a refund after all. It seems very solid and works just as it’s supposed to. I would get a pop-up saying Installed failed, setup is quitting.


IK Multimedia • Stealth Pedal & Windows 10

Except it has to not suck. Apparently the thing is not compatible.

I found the mmultimedia bolt that fit that wrench and gave it a couple of turns in each direction, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. Skip to content IK Multimedia.

I muktimedia an old Digitech Control 8 in the basement, which I never liked because it requires an AC adapter, and it won’t send momentary CC messages.

Our Verdict It has a few curious drawbacks, but the Stealth Pedal has it where it counts: Switch and expression pedal inputs. I don’t know how to measure latency empirically, but it’s certainly little enough as to work fine for me.


Tried installing as administrator, failed You got about 4 seconds. Let it fail, files disappeared, but I had’em pasted. The stwalth wouldn’t install giving failed error.

Mbenigni, yes my Stealth pedal works very smoothly heel to toe with no “ratchety” feeling at all. But drivers are always a crap shoot. How is the latency? I swear I went through all of this 2 years ago Is the pedal itself just a bit trashy in mechanical terms, or did someone drop mine at the warehouse jultimedia something?

Elantric on March 13, So it’s the installer, not the drivers, that have the multimsdia. Our support team will be happy to help and can be reached at this link.


I am running Amplitube 4 MAX. Glad you got it sorted. Hi all, Wishing now that I’d started this thread about a week ago. I saw it at 3 NAMM shows before it ever shipped, but it tripled in cost, and the drivers were complete junk.

I was hoping to have something more elegant by now. The price, of course, will be the main issue for most prospective buyers, as it ain’t cheap, and while the included AmpliTube products add a lot of value, if you’ve already got them, or they’re not the exact ones you want, you may feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth.

It doesn’t go heel to toe smoothly, but instead has a subtle “ratcheting” feel to it. So I got the Toggle vs. See this thread for traditional methods for Guitarists to control Ableton Live https: