I am on this now. First I hacked up a patch for the kernel module myself to make it build, not really knowing what I was doing. Old thread then said it should work out of the box? Interesting result, but not what I was really looking at anyway. This is presumably because Tungsten have been supporting PowerVR chips for a long time, so they know their way around the hardware. April 8th, 7.

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Dec 31, Posts: I have tried with Poulsbo, but after adding repository it just do not see any file, while trying to install the driver.

I picked my way through this bizarre minefield and then tried to get the fricking thing to work. Results 1 to 10 of So I tried building with that patch instead of my own hack.

This is the first clue that all is not well. Some of this is documented — in passing, seemingly more as an example case than anything else — here.


System Controller Hub

I imagine you know all this; just mentioning it for completeness. First I hacked up a patch for the kernel module myself to make it build, not really knowing what I was poulsboo. II Primary Device is: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Should I just put back Win7? Hardware will be automatically detected and configured using XFdrake.

THE current cy in Documentation: The last lines in Xorg. IntelEmbeddedMediaGraphicsDriver last modified April 8th, 8.

But, I bought a lap, and I deserve support of the hardware, as in software-drivers for that hardware. Also, on my slower, older Lap, I now see, I have to on Linux, try that GMA unofficial repo, which gives a not found error when adding the repo correctly.

Starting with kernel 3. Jul 18, Posts: If you are able to resume, you’ll want to configure Ubuntu to use this option every time you suspend.

The instructions below were written for version 1. With the older version from Moblin git, it just freezes on X startup. April 8th, 7.

Poulsbo – Phoronix

I still like Intel, but this here, this driver story, for a bit older graph hw of intel, ah no, please. I did not even find any good menu editor for Linux Mint until now, since now two years Mint usage of mine. First of all, make the file executable: Every time I’ve tried installing it, it’s had trouble even having the mouse cursor traversing the screen without chopping and jumping.


Sep 2, Posts: Others who are running the GMA driver will have to advise. CS Ars Praetorian Registered: And every Linux user with this chipset is getting screwed. Next problem is that my backlight keys are broken.

System Controller Hub – Wikipedia

April 7th, 5. You can look at the install script to see where new files were added. Drizzit Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: