In this section Topic Description DoubleExFreePool This rule verifies that the driver does not attempt to free the same block of pool memory twice. Click the Rules tab. A miniport driver that works with SCSI port is not required to do this. Specifies the size in bytes required by the miniport driver for its per-request storage, if any, to handle data transfers larger than 64K. The interrupt synchronization mode determines how the port driver synchronizes message signaled interrupts. The StorPortSynchronizeAccess routine provides synchronized access to a miniport driver’s device extension.

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VirtualStorport rule set (Storport)

The HwStorInitialize routine initializes the miniport driver after a system reboot or power failure occurs. Select your driver project.

WithinCriticalRegion This rule verifies that the driver’s calls to certain synchronization functions are made only while normal kernel APC delivery is disabled.

Access to the list is synchronized on a multiprocessor system.

The miniport driver support bit addressing in a single 4GB region. The miniport can log two general purpose ETW parameters. For more information about the Storport driver, see Storage Port Drivers.

Contains a mask indicating the alignment restrictions for buffers required by the HBA for transfer operations. However, there microsoct important differences between the design of the SCSI port driver and that of the Storport driver, and these routines must accommodate those differences.


Storport Driver – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

The HwStorFindAdapter routine uses the supplied storpot to determine whether a specific HBA is supported and, if it is, to return configuration information about that adapter. Choose the type you’d like to provide: When the PnP Manager notifies the Storport driver to start a device, Storport allocates and initializes this structure, supplies as much HBA-specific configuration information as possible, and passes the structure to the miniport driver’s HwStorFindAdapter routine.

Collapse the table of content. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

The StorPortDebugPrint routine micrksoft a debug string to the kernel debugger, if the debugger is attached. Otherwise, this routine performs a busy-wait. The default is set to by Storport. Typically, this value is bounded by the value set for MaximumNumberOfTargets.

A miniport driver’s HwStorUnitControl routine is called to perform synchronous operations to control the state of storage unit device. The HwStorResetBus routine is called by the port driver to clear error conditions. The miniport driver is notified to start a unit or handle a power state transition for a unit device. The HwStorInitialize routine initializes the miniport driver after a system reboot or power failure occurs.

In the case of stirport power up event, this request gives the miniport driver an opportunity to initialize itself. We appreciate your feedback.

storport.h header

The StorPortResumeDevice routine resumes a previously paused logical unit. If the Storport version of the miniport driver cannot handle a request at the time it is submitted, it has a set of queue management functions, not available to the SCSI port version, that allow it to deal with the overload. Choose the type you’d like to provide: It can have one of the following values.


Storport Event Log Extensions. This member should be set by the miniport driver before it notifies the Storport driver that the request has completed. Life Cycle of a Storport Driver. The HwStorInitializeTracing callback routine allows the Storport virtual miniport driver to set up tracing and any related resources.

RtlZeroMemory The RtlZeroMemory routine fills a block of memory with zeros, given a pointer to the block and the length, in bytes, to be filled. The StorPortMoveMemory routine copies memory from one buffer to another. The Sgorport routine initializes the port driver parameters and extension data. The StorPortDeviceReady routine notifies the port driver that the indicated logical unit is ready to handle new requests.