When using the notebook in turbo mode, which is most often the case when playing games, the fans produce and ear-splitting Compare this to a typical office notebook, which uses about 20 to 30 watts under normal use. The MSI GXR’s display has a good range of viewing angles, particularly the vertical tilt of the screen which can bend back to degrees. Welcome to Classic Shell. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Powerful hardware is in place here and should be able to smoothly run games.

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The Return of the King. The battery life of minutes in this case allows you to only reach the middle of the film. Crysis was for a long time the most graphics-intensive game out there and is therefore still used as tubo of our graphics benchmarks.

As a gaming notebook, the WASD keys are specially marked for use in games.

Where is my turbo mode (MSI GX60)

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Nevertheless, the keyboard does have its good points.

But even Crysis hardly makes the GXR break a sweat. This works out very nicely. Gx66 Review, online available, Medium, Date: The MSI GXR’s display has a good range of viewing angles, particularly the vertical tilt of the screen which can bend back to degrees.


The notebook looks nice even in the dark. When buying this notebook, you should first make sure you have the model with the display you want.

But tuebo far as gaming notebooks go, the expectations for battery life are never very high. The touchpad— diagonally measured at 91 mm —is quite large and offers all the space you could want.

MSI launches MSI GX performance gaming laptop

Memory tkrbo per second. With high detail settings, the notebook actually managed to place at the very top in the rankings board. We used the turbo mode when running the games, thus increasing the processor’s clock rate to over 3. Modem port – 1.

The large size and spacing of the keys helps to greatly reduce typos, making the the keyboard on par with desktop keyboards in this respect. Our test notebook was fitted with the HD display. TheReciever Nov 17, This is evident not only by the tests we did but also by the noise produced by the fans.


The sound quality is truly better than that of most other notebooks. StarCraft 2 Starcraft 2 cannot be left out of current gaming benchmarks.

Both the hard disks, on the other hand, were easy to find. The hard drive is rated the slowest of the hardware at 5. MullrofFeb 26, Wired Magazine We were less thrilled with the much-touted Dynaudio speaker setup, which puts very fx660, oversized speakers on both corners of the base.

MSI GX660 Series

The manufacturer’s warranty allows for 24 gz660 of Collect and Return Service. Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: The ratings of MSI laptops are above average in the tests as of On account of this, the maximum contrast takes a hit, which comes to a low Beau et Gamer Source: Two of these are the new high speed USB 3. If you need better cooling just google those 2 things.

P1 is a hotkey app launcher.